Dusa McDuff: 2010 Jean Rubin talk


Professor McDuff obtained her Ph. D. from the University of Cambridge, UK. In many ways, however, the most significant part of her graduate studies was a six month stay in Moscow during 1969-70, when she studied with the great Russian mathematician Israil Gelfand. After several more years in Britain (as a postdoc in Cambridge and as a University Lecturer in York and Warwick), she came to the United States in 1978 to take up a position at Stony Brook University, remaining there until recently going to Barnard as Helen Kimmel Professor of Mathematics.

For the past 25 years or so, Professor McDuff's researdh has been in the area of symplectic geometry. She has written more than 90 research papers and coauthored two books. She has given numerous talks, including a plenary address at ICM Berlin in 1998. She has been a Fellow of the Royal Society since 1994 and a Member of the Natioanl Academy of Sciences since 1999. 


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