MA 162 Fall 2023 Boilercast Lectures
(links and contents will be added as they become available)
Monday, 8/21--Course Introduction: slides
Monday, 8/21--Lesson 1 (13.1 Vectors and 13.2 Vectors in Three Dimensions (part1)): Video, Notes
Wednesday, 8/23--Lesson 2 (13.2 Vectors in Three Dimensions (part2)): Video, Notes
Friday, 8/25--Lesson 3 (13.3 Dot Product): Video, Notes

Monday, 8/28--Lesson 4 (13.4 Cross Product):  Video, Notes
Wednesday, 8/30--Lesson 5 (6.2 Region Between Curves): Video, Notes
Friday, 9/1--Lesson 6 (6.3 Volumes by Slicing):  Video, Notes

Monday, 9/4--Labor Day (no class)
Wednesday, 9/6--Lesson 7 (6.4 Volumes by Shells): Video, Notes
Friday, 9/8--Lesson 8 (6.5+6.6 Length and Surface Area): Video, Notes

Monday, 9/11--Lesson 9 (6.7 Physical Applications (part 1)): Video, Notes
Wednesday, 9/13--Lesson 10 (6.7 Physical Applications (part 2)): Video, Notes
Friday, 9/15--Lesson 11 (8.2 Integration by Parts): Video, Notes

Wednesday, 9/18--Lesson 12 (8.3 Trig Integrals (part 1)):  Video, Notes
Monday, 9/20--Exam 1 Review: Video, Notes
Friday, 9/22--Lesson 13 (8.3 Trig Integrals (part 2)): Video, Notes

Monday, 9/25--Lesson 14 (8.4 Trig Substitution (part 1)): Video, Notes
Wednesday, 9/27--Lesson 15 (8.4 Trig Substitution (part 2)): Video, Notes
Friday, 9/29--Lesson 16 (8.5 Partial Fractions (part 1)): Video, Notes

Monday, 10/2--Lesson 17 (8.5 Partial Fractions (part 2)): Video, Notes
Wednesday, 10/4--Lesson 18 (8.9 Improper Integrals): Video, Notes
Friday, 10/6--No Class (compensation for evening exam)
Monday, 10/9--No class (October Break)                                                                                                                                   
Wednesday, 10/11--Lesson 19 (10.1 Sequences and Series:  An Overview):  Video, Notes
Friday, 10/13--Lesson 20 (10.2 Sequences): Video, Notes

Monday, 10/16--Lesson 21 (10.3 Infinite Series): Video, Notes
Wednesday, 10/18--Exam 2 Review: Video, Notes
Friday, 10/20--No Class (compensation for evening exam)

Monday, 10/23--Lesson 22 (10.4 The Divergence and Integral Tests):  Video, Notes
Wednesday, 10/25--Lesson 23 (10.5 Comparison Tests): Video, Notes
Friday, 10/27--Lesson 24 (10.6 Alternating Series): Video, Notes

Monday, 10/30--Lesson 25 (10.7 Ratio and Root Tests): Video, Notes
Wednesday, 11/1--Lesson 26 (10.8 Choosing a Convergent Test): Video, Notes
Friday, 11/3--Lesson 27 (11.1 Approximating Functions Using Polynomials (part 1)): Video, Notes

Monday, 11/6--Lesson 28 (11.1 Approximating Functions Using Polynomials (part 2)): Video, Notes
Wednesday, 11/8--Exam 3 Review: Video, Notes
Friday, 11/10--Lesson 29 (11.2 Properties of Power Series (part 1)): Video, Notes

Monday, 11/13--Lesson 30 (11.2 Properties of Power Series (part 2)): Video, Notes
Wednesday, 11/15--Lesson 31 (11.3 Taylor Series): Video, Notes
    Due to a hardware issue only the second half of the lecture was recorded.  Please see the Fall 2022 video for the content of the first half.
Friday, 11/17--Lesson 32 (11.4 Working with Taylor Series): Video, Notes

Monday, 11/20--No Class (compensation for evening exam 3).  Bonus "lecture":  Video
Wendesday, 11/22--No Class (Thanksgiving Break)
Friday, 11/24--No Class (Thanksgiving Break)

Monday, 11/27--Lesson 33 (12.2 Polar Coordinates): Video, Notes
Wednesday, 11/29--Lesson 34 (12.2 Polar Coordinates (part 2)): Video, Notes
Friday, 12/1--Lesson 34 (12.3 Areas and Lengths in Polar Coordinates): Video, Notes

Monday, 12/4--Final Exam Review: Video, Notes
Wednesday, 12/6--Final Exam Review: Video, Notes
Friday, 12/8--Final Exam Review: Video, Notes