Publications and Preprints

Published (Including Accepted Papers)

  • [18]. Fourier coefficients attached to small automorphic representations of SLn(A) and string theory.
    To appear in J. Number Thoery. (2018) (with Olof Ahlen, Henrik P. A. Gustafsson, Axel Kleinschmidt and Daniel Persson). arXiv:1707.08937.
  • [17]. On the sharpness of the bound for the local converse theorem of p-adic GL(prime).
    Proceedings of Amer. Math. Soc. Series B. Vol. 5, 6-17. (2018) (with Moshe Adrian, Shaun Stevens and Kam-Fai Tam).
  • [16]. On cuspidality of global Arthur packets for symplectic groups.
    To appear in Geometric aspects of the trace formula, Simons Symposia. (2017) (with Dihua Jiang). arXiv:1601.01665.
  • [15]. A remark on a converse theorem of Cogdell and Piatetski-Shapiro.
    To appear in J. Reine Angew. Math. (Crelle's Journal) (2017) (with Herve Jacquet). arXiv:1604.02033.
  • [14]. Raising nilpotent orbits in wave-front sets.
    Representation Theory 20 (2016), 419-450. (with Dihua Jiang and Gordan Savin). arXiv:1412.8742.
  • [13]. On the Local Converse Theorem for p-adic GLn.
    To appear in Amer. J. Math. (2016) (with Herve Jacquet). arXiv:1601.03656.
  • [12]. On the Jacquet Conjecture on the local converse problem for p-adic GL(n).
    Representation Theory 20 (2016), 1-13. (with Moshe Adrian, Shaun Stevens and Peng Xu). arXiv:1409.4790.
  • [11]. Models transition under theta correspondence.
    J. of Algebra 448 (2016), 431-445, DOI 10.1016/j.jalgebra.2015.09.041. Model transition arXiv:1601.01669.
  • [10]. Some results on simple supercuspidal representations of $GL_n(F)$.
    J. Number Theory 160 (2016), 117-147, DOI 10.1016/j.jnt.2015.08.002. (with Moshe Adrian). SS-GL. arXiv:1310.2585.
  • [9]. The Jacquet-Langlands correspondence via twisted descent.
    Int. Math. Res. Not., 2016, no. 18, 5455--5492.(with Dihua Jiang, Bin Xu and Lei Zhang). arXiv:1501.00506.
  • [8]. Fourier coefficients of certain residual representations of symplectic groups.
    Pacific Journal of Math. Vol. 281 (2016), No. 2, 421--466 (with Dihua Jiang). arXiv:1412.7548.
  • [7]. Arthur parameters and Fourier coefficients for automorphic forms on symplectic groups.
    Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble), 66 (2016), no. 2, 477--519.(with Dihua Jiang). arXiv:1309.6239.
  • [6]. Fourier coefficients for automorphic forms on quasisplit classical groups.
    Advances in the Theory of Automorphic Forms and Their L-functions.
    Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 664, 2016, 187--208, AMS. (with Dihua Jiang). arXiv:1412.7553.
  • [5]. On special unipotent orbits and Fourier coefficients for automorphic forms on symplectic groups.
    J. of Number Theory-Special issue in honor of Steve Rallis, 146 (2015), 343-389 (with Dihua Jiang). arXiv:1309.6238. JNT15.
  • [4]. The generic dual of p-adic split $SO_{2n}$ and local Langlands parameters.
    Israel J. Math. 204 (2014), no. 1, 199-260. (with Chris Jantzen). IJM14.
  • [3]. Poles of certain residual Eisenstein series of classical groups.
    Pacific J. of Math. Vol 264 (2013), No 1, 83-123 (with Dihua Jiang and Lei Zhang). PJM13.
  • [2]. On Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms of GL(n).
    Int. Math. Res. Notices (2013) 2013 (17), 4029-4071 (with Dihua Jiang). IMRN13.
  • [1]. Genericity of representations of p-adic $Sp_{2n}$ and local Langlands parameters.
    Canad. J. Math. 63 (2011), 1107-1136. CJM11.
  • Submitted and Preprints

  • On top Fourier coefficients of certain automorphic representations of GLn.
    20 pages. Submitted. (2018) (with Bin Xu).
  • A reciprocal problem of the Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture for even orthogonal groups.
    29 pages. Submitted. (2018) (with Dihua Jiang and Bin Xu).
  • A summation formula for triples of quadratic spaces.
    31 pages. Submitted. (2017) (with Jayce Getz). arXiv:1711.08087.
  • On the local converse theorem and the descent theorem in families.
    32 pages. Submitted. (2017) (with Gilbert Moss). arXiv:1711.11159.
  • A refined Poisson summation formula for certain Braverman-Kazhdan spaces.
    36 pages. Submitted. (2017) (with Jayce Getz). arXiv:1707.06091.
  • On Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms and structure of global Arthur packets.
    54 pages. Submitted. arXiv:1309.6240.
  • Ph.D. Thesis

  • Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms and Arthur classification.
    2013. University of Minnesota. Thesis-PhD.