Greg Buzzard: Journal Articles

Note: Some of the files contained here may differ slightly from the published versions.

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Conference proceedings and expository articles (refereed)

Donahue, M.M., Buzzard, G.T., and Rundell, A.E., Robust parameter identification with adaptive sparse grid-based optimization for nonlinear systems biology models, in 2009 American Control Conference Proceedings, Hyatt Regency Riverfront, St. Louis, MO, USA, 2009.

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Buzzard, G.T., Model-based experiment design, initiation. In Springer Encyclopedia of Systems Biology,

J.P. Perley, J. Mikolajczak, V.C. Dinh, M.L. Harrison, G.T. Buzzard, and A.E. Rundell, Systematically Manipulating T-Cell Signaling Pathway Dynamics via Multiple Model Informed Open-Loop Controller Design, to appear in 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.

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