Department of Mathematics
Kaitlyn Hood

MA 26100 • Fall 2023

Multivariate Calculus



Instructor Contact Information

Instructor: Professor K. Hood

Office: MATH 844

Office Hours: MWF 2:00-3:00pm



Lecture Archive

Important Documents:

Textbook: Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 3rd edition, by Briggs, Cochran, Gillet, and Schulz (Pearson Publishing)

In this class, students will need an access code for the Pearson online homework system called MyLab Math. The eText is included in your access code for MyLab Math. In addition, you may purchase a physical copy of the textbook, but it is not required.

Study Techniques

Study Cycles

  • I highly recommend using study cycles and focused study sessions to study for this class. 
  • Purdue Academic Success Center has workshops, peer success coaching, and academic consultations – all to help you improve your study habits.
  • "Teach Yourself How to Learn" by Saundra Yancy McGuire. She goes into more depth about study cycles, focused study sessions, and other metacognitive strategies for learning. You can access a digital copy of the book in the Purdue library catalog.


  • Additionally, I also recommended using a technique called overlearning.
  • The idea is that you want to practice the techniques in this class beyond the point of understanding. You want to practice until the technique becomes second nature, like a habit, that you can execute the technique quickly without consulting the notes or a textbook. This will help you on the exam when there is limited time to complete the problems.
  • One strategy is to set a timer and quiz yourself, using problems from the homework, textbook, or exam archive.

Test Taking Strategies

Tutoring Resources

There are several tutoring resources available to students. 

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