MA 16020 - Applied Calculus II, Sections 050 and 053, Spring 2018

  • Course evaluations are now open! Please fill them out and let me know if you found my unofficial guide helpful as well as any suggestions you have for me to improve it!
  • The final exam will be Thursday, May 3 from 1:00PM to 3:00PM. It will cover lessons R-36 with a slight emphasis on lessons 33-36.

Important Information

Unofficial Guide to Math 16020 (Version 1.1)

This pdf is my unofficial guide to Math 16020. What I cover in class is reflected in this document and is often addressed with more detail. Because of its length, I would recommend not printing the guide out.

Disclaimer: This is not the official course textbook but instead a compilation of my notes from previous semesters. I am the sole writer and editor of the material which means there will be plenty of errors. This is not meant to replace attending class but should be viewed as supplemental material.

Note: Quiz questions will come directly from the Practice Quiz Question sections. The only difference will be the numbers used in the problem.

Update: There was a serious error in an example in Lesson 11. While this error has been addressed, other errors (including typos) have not been corrected.

In-Class Example Handouts

For some lessons, there are problems that I would rather not take the time to write out during class on the board. Instead, for the following lessons, I have handouts that we will go over in class on the specified days:

Quiz Solutions

Exam Information

For more complete information, visit the course webpage.