Math 460: Geometry

Fall 2017

MWF 9:30-10:20, UNIV 303

Professor David Goldberg

 OFFICE: Math 628
  M 2-3, W 4-5, TH 10:30-11:30

OFFICE PHONE: (765)-494-1919




Homework Presentations

  • Exam 1, Tuesday September 26,   BRNG 2290, 8-10PM
  • Exam 2 Wednesday November 1, BRNG 2290, 8-10 PM


Sketch of Pythagorean Theorem from class
Euclid's Elements
We cover Book I of Euclid's elements.  McClure's notes has a section which is a companion to Euclid.  For the purpose of presenting  Euclid, the class is broken into five workgroups.  Be sure to read this document regarding these presentations and your responsibilities.

 David Joyce's version (with Java applet) Clark University
 Bill Casselman's (UBC) Euclid page
John T. Poole Online Interactive version 

Euclid Proposition 22
Euclid Proposition 23

GSP is a program designed to mimic  straight edge and compass construction.  GSP can be used to develop intuition and illustrate aspects of a proof, but may not itself stand in place of a proof.  Measurements in GSP are not exact, as you will see through some of the GSP homework assignments.  (Remember that you can get more accurate measurements of  the distance between objects, e.g., points, or a line and a point, by using the calculate function in GSP) .  GSP is installed on all ITAP lab machines, and it is located in the folder: standard software/design tools/Geometer's Sketchpad 4-07, and the icon is GSP 4-07.  It is also available by Software Remote through the ITAP website.

Analytic Geometry
Notes on Analytic Geometry
We will take a brief look at the subject of Analytic geometry, which uses the theory of Cartesian coordinates, and those things you know about lines and circles to  prove results in Euclidean geometry.  An example of such a fact is the formula for the equation of the line between two points from their coordinates. We can prove many of the results in McClure's Notes this way, but restrict ourselves to a few, just to illustrate its usefulness.  The notes above are by Prof. Donu Arapura of our department, and I have made these available above.