Speaker, Title, Time, Location and Slides

Here is a compilation of the speakers, the titles of their talks, and when and where the talks are being given. This is the same information as is contained in titles.pdf. For complete information, including abstracts, see abstracts.pdf.

Plenary Talks

All plenary talks are held in Doheny Beach AB.
  1. Guillaume Bal, Inverse Problems with Internal Functionals, Wednesday, 9:45–10:30. (Slides)
  2. Gang Bao, Inverse Scattering Problems: Theory, Computation, and Applications, Friday, 9:00–9:45.
  3. Liliana Borcea, Imaging in random media, Friday, 9:45–10:30.
  4. Margaret Cheney, Radar Imaging, Friday, 11:00–11:45.
  5. David Colton, Transmission Eigenvalues and Inverse Scattering Theory, Thursday, 11:00–11:45. (Slides)
  6. Allan Greenleaf, Can there be a general theory of Fourier integral operators?, Thursday, 9:45–10:30. (Slides)
  7. Colin Guillarmou, Semiclassical limits of plane wave and Eisenstein functions, Tuesday, 9:45–10:30.
  8. David Isaacson, Problems that led me to Gunther Uhlmann, Monday, 11:45–12:30. (Slides)
  9. Carlos Kenig, Limiting Carleman weights and inverse problems, Wednesday, 9:00–9:45.
  10. Matti Lassas, Cloaked wave amplifiers via transformation optics, Tuesday, 9:00–9:45.
  11. Rafe Mazzeo, Singular Monge-Ampere equations in geometry, Monday, 9:45–10:30. (Slides)
  12. Joyce McLaughlin, Biomechanical Imaging of Tissue from Frequency Content Data, Wednesday, 2:00–2:45.
  13. Richard Melrose, Adiabatic limits and eigenvalues Friday, 11:45–12:30. (Slides)
  14. Lassi Paivarinta, Non-scattering energies and transmission eigenvalues, Wednesday, 11:00–11:45.
  15. Mikko Salo, Geodesic ray transforms and tensor tomography, Monday, 11:00–11:45. (Slides)
  16. Fadil Santosa , Resonances of Low-loss Resonators, Wednesday, 11:45–12:30.
  17. John Sylvester, Far Field Support for the Helmholtz Equation, Thursday, 11:45–12:30. (Slides)
  18. Jenn-Nan Wang, Size estimate problem for the shallow shell system, Tuesday, 11:00–11:45.
  19. Steve Zelditch, Ergodicity and intersections of geodesics and nodal sets of eigenfunctions, Thursday, 9:00–9:45. (Slides)
  20. Ting Zhou, Quantitative thermo-acoustics and related problems, Tuesday, 11:45–12:30. (Slides)

Mini-symposium A

Inverse Boundary Value Problems; Calderón's Problem.

Mini-symposium B

Transformation Optics and Cloaking.

Mini-symposium C

Inverse Problems in Geometry.

Mini-symposium D

Hybrid Methods (Multi-Physics, Multi-Wave) in Medical Imaging.

Mini-symposium E

Microlocal Methods.